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Radical Christians are not those who wear Christian T-shirts. Radical Christians are those who bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit.
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An Important Realization

For the past few weeks, I have not been at the top of my spiritual game. I kind of pulled an Elijah and pulled into a cave to sulk for a little bit because I wasn’t thrilled with the way my life was going.

Yesterday I got convicted and my breakthrough all at the same time! I was in class when the Apostle said to us that there were many people trying to believe in a carnal state. What he meant by this was that there were people trying to exercise faith while wrapped up in themselves. We learned that when you are caught up in yourself, the faith of God will not flow through you.

If you have been trying to believe God and move in faith in order to get out of your situation, check yourself and make sure that you are not caught up in pride. Once you figure that out, and make decision to die yourself, you will see an improvement in your situation and state of being.

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